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Do I need a physical Builders+ card?

Only if you want one.


And that is just the start..


Got questions? Good. We love questions.

Is Builders+ just another benefit programme?

No. Well, of course, we’d say that. But it’s not. For starters, Builders+ is free to customers. So you get exclusive deals, personalised offers that really mean something to you, access to monthly competitions, birthday discounts, pensioner discounts and more. No “points” that are hard to use. And no money down.

How do I sign up for Builders+?


1. Been here before? Got an email address and password for our website? If you do, sign in with the same details.

2. If this is your first visit to our website, sign up with:
    Your name
    Your surname
    Your mobile number
    Your email address


3. Want to sign up in-store instead? Perfect. Go straight up to an in-store help desk and ask for help with Builders+.

Do I need a physical Builders+ card?

Only if you want one.

To get a physical Builders+ card, just go to our in-store help desk, grab one and visit on your mobile. Navigate to MY PROFILE > MY BUILDERS CARD > LINK CARD enter your 16-digit code and start saving.

If you don’t have your Builders+ card with you, or you simply prefer the virtual option, go to on your mobile, navigate to MY PROFILE > MY BUILDERS CARD and scan your virtual card at the cashier at the start of your transaction.

I already have a Builders card. Is Builders+ replacing this?

If you’re already a Builders cardholder, you’re automatically part of Builders+. In fact, you’re a founder. No need to do anything additional. Just shop and save with Builders+.