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Our Involvement


The essence of our business is building, renovation and home improvement and by extension, development. It therefore makes sense that we focus our corporate social investment (CSI) initiatives on those of a developmental nature that have synergy with our business.

We all know that education is the bedrock of any thriving society, particularly early childhood development. In South Africa, our education challenges are multi-faceted but some of the major issues for many schools across the country remain infrastructure-related.

At Builders, we know building and we know how to get things done. So we have taken a keen interest in providing new builds, infrastructure upgrades, renovations and in some instances, new equipment, as required by various schools, more often those focusing on education in the formative years. 

Every year, Builders CSI and various partners become immersed in our local disadvantaged communities with the mission to facilitate fundamental renovations and the upgrading of many schools and education centres throughout the country, ensuring that our imminent leaders are provided with the crucial environment that is conducive to learning.

2015 was no different. The CSI team completed many projects that were initiated in the past.

Take a look at some of our achievements.